if you hear the silence

I hope you find it charming


I made another gif! Yay Shigeto!

Look at what I did instead of doing calc! 

guys I can’t stop listening to this song

If only the good ones die young

I pray your corruption come

Swift like a thief in the right

Right I pluck my right eye right out

my life

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aka drinking red wine out of a golden retriever mug while doing calculus

mac is such a gentleman \m/

So excited for this album!

hey mami

I know what you want mami


Punk is Dad

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All the most important people in New York are nineteen

1. open Instagram

2. follow @ludolechat

3. enjoy a lifetime of cuteness

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Easy, easy

Pull out your heart

To make the being alone

Easy, easy


going out to house shows wid muh girl elianarowe <3 <3 <3

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